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Warranty Information

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Our Warranty

In addition to our comprehensive one-year warranty, every Arise Homes home is also covered by up to a 10-year structural warranty and various extended warranties offered by the product manufacturers.

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Our local, in-house warranty team is dedicated to customer service after closing, unlike purchasing a used house which often does not come with a warranty or is serviced by a company other than the home builder.

Our team of professionals will schedule meetings at the 30-day and 12-month milestones to proactively address any issues or concerns that homeowners might have and to ensure each homeowner is completely satisfied with their new home. Our New Home Warranty Team is committed to going above and beyond normal expectations to serve our customers.

Warranties Include

Arise Homes Comprehensive One-Year Warranty (Materials and Workmanship)

Serviced by our local, in-house New Home Warranty Team, this comprehensive coverage ensures all materials and installations on the home will perform to the usual and customary industry standards.

Should the home be sold during the one-year period after the home is built, this warranty service is transferable to the new homeowners.

10-Year Structural Warranty: For additional peace of mind, each home comes with up to a 10-year structural warranty through a respected third party.

Extended Manufacturer Warranties: We use materials from reputable, name-brand manufacturers in the construction of our homes, and many of these companies offer additional, limited warranty coverage beyond the first year. In most cases, these warranties are non-transferrable and cover the costs of parts, but not labor.

    What is the Value of a New Home Structural Warranty to Me?


    Home warranties issued by RWC are insured by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WPMIC). WPMIC specializes in builder home warranties and, in fact, only writes insurance for its builder members. The financial strength of the company ($112 million in surplus equity as of December 31, 2018) dedicated for new home warranty resolution and builder liability issues means you don’t have to worry about the insurer behind your home warranty going out of business because of either man-made or natural catastrophic losses (hurricanes, oil spills, etc.).


      When your Builder selects an RWC warranty for your new home, you are being given a written and insured commitment that your home will be free from specified defects. Your RWC warranty is independently written and administered apart from your Builder. Regardless of what the future may hold for your Builder, your home warranty remains in place for the duration of the warranty period. The average cost to repair a major structural failure exceeds $30,000. Having a written and insured warranty in place on your home means that warranted structural components will be repaired without causing you serious financial hardship.

        Resale Value

        Your home is warranted for the duration of the warranty period selected for your home by your Builder. If your home is sold during that warranty term, the balance of the warranty transfers automatically to the next homeowner. That transferable home warranty is an excellent marketing tool when you offer your home for sale to prospective buyers.

          Expert Second Opinion

          Even with a written warranty, Builders and Homeowners don’t always see eye-to-eye. If a dispute arises between you and your Builder regarding whether or not something should be considered a defect, the limited warranty document can be a valuable ‘measuring stick’ for evaluating the issues. You benefit from with home warranty issues. The warranty standards included are based on accepted industry practices. The process to get the warranty company involved to mediate your dispute and determine coverage is spelled out in your warranty book.

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